How To Boil an Egg 3 star



Cookbook for British Cooks

By Rose Bakery

Phaidon Press, 35.00, 133 pages

“Some of the recipes in this book are classic and simple, while others are more complex and use unusual ingredients.”

The title of this book is intriguing: How to Boil and Egg. Is this a cookbook of egg cookery? Turns out, it isn’t. This is a normal cookbook including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, side dishes and desserts, most based on Rose Carrarini’s bakery recipes but including such common items as ratatouille, eggs Benedict, scones, pancakes, and so on. These are good recipes, well-written, easy to follow, and most home-cooks will have no difficulty with them. Their layout is perfect, one or two recipes per page in this large-format book. Ingredients are mostly readily available though you need to scramble to find such items as marigold bouillon powder, yacón syrup, purple corn powder, or arame. Many recipes come from the international repertoire, and since this book is targeted to British cooks, many are British recipes. In fact, here is the problem for us American cooks. The measurements are metric with our familiar American units in parentheses. This, unfortunately, is confusing because instead of 1 liter, we need to measure 4¼ cups or for 60 grams butter, 4½ tablespoons. Even egg sizes are different in Europe. The illustrations are wonderful paintings. The index is well cross referenced and very good.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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