Quick Check Guide to Gluten Free Foods5stars



By Linda McDonald M.S. R.D.
Barron’s, $8.99, 551 pages,

Quick Check Guide to Gluten-Free Foods is a great, well-organized reference guide along the same line as the similar Quick Check Food Facts also by Linda McDonald. This is the first edition on gluten-free foods and the book is a thick but small-format paperback. The introduction covers everything you need to know about gluten, gluten-free foods, eating, and shopping, and summary lists of all common gluten-free foods as well as gluten-containing foods. McDonald divided the reference guide into convenient chapters by major foods groups, followed by Snacks and Sweets, Beverages, Mixed Dishes and Baby Foods/Formulas. The last section lists thirty-nine popular American restaurant chains (e.g. Hardee’s, Red Lobster) and their menus with gluten-free items, also providing complete nutritional information. Helpful tips let’s you choose different items where gluten-free status may be questionable. McDonald also added a list of additional less known restaurants that have gluten-free choices, all complete with contacts and websites. In the Appendix she added a list of product manufacturers known to have gluten-free products, and their contacts. This reference book should be on everyone’s shelf who needs to be or choose to be on gluten-free diet, as well as reference in libraries, and all food-related institutions.

“…use the tips and guidelines in this book to work gluten-free foods into a healthy diet.”

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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