Surviving Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters3 star



By Janice McCann & Betsy Shand
Resolution Press, $16.95, 287 pages

As authors McCann and Shand point out in Surviving, disaster survival may depend on advanced preparation. The content of this book is excellent, but not without serious shortcomings. The first part covers general preparation, useful for whatever natural or man-made disaster may strike in your neck of the woods. Then the authors get specific and detail 16 kinds of natural and man-made disasters. Throughout the text you’ll find numerous web link references for even more information, as well as tables you can photocopy and fill out with your own material. The book’s main problem is the infinite number of fine details and endless checklists not many readers would follow. For example, there is a 45-item checklist for before an earthquake and a 52-item checklist to go through after. Such details quickly overwhelm most and to follow the book would take a lot of time. Besides, who bothers to ask for a hotel’s fire evacuation plans when making a reservation? Nevertheless this is a useful volume if you condense it to the essentials. The list of emergency food is poor, with none of the commonly recommended items like flour, rice, sugar, salt, yeast, baking powder or dry beans. An index would have been useful, too.

“This book will educate you on the steps to take before, during, and after a disaster.”

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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