Basher Science Technology A Byte-Size World!5stars



Technology for Young Readers

By Dan Green
Kingfisher Books, $8.99, 128 pages

Simon Basher’s artwork is becoming well-known and well-loved by beginning readers the world around – and by adults too! Technology: A Byte-Size World, by Dan Green, contains Basher’s latest artistic venture. The book is designed to help young readers learn science in a fun way. Recommended for kids 10 years and up, the book features Basher’s unique Manga-inspired artwork. His characters represent individual technological devices and inventions that are commonly used in daily life. Some will be familiar to readers and others will be new concepts. Humor is utilized to connect with young minds. Chapters are divided by types of gadgets- Movers ‘n’ Shakers, Homebodies, Groovy Gizmos, Gearheads and Power Freaks. Within each chapter, readers will meet characters like Wheel and Axle, Gear, Fertilizer, Internet, 3-D Printer, Generator, Printing Press and others. Written in first person, each gadget explains their own high-tech attributes. A Table of Contents, Index and Glossary help young readers use the book like research material. For readers interested in technology, this book successfully takes complex subjects and presents them in ways school-age children can understand. An included poster reviews lessons learned and will likely end up displayed on a bedroom wall.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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