Bernice Jumps Off the Page

By Rob Adamowski
OctiRam Publishing, $16.99, 32 pages

“It’s a bear!” people exclaim when they see Bernice lumbering around. But Bernice is not a bear; she is a Newfoundland, a great big dog. Even when Bernice is out on a leash people often mistake her large hairy frame for one of a wild animal. While originally this hurts Bernice’s feelings, she learns bears are talented, smart and impressive animals that can learn tricks and even slow their hearts for hibernation. By the end of the book, Bernice learns to appreciate her different appearance and how people compare her to bears – it makes her feel like a movie star.

While the verse in Rob Adamowski’s book is fun for young readers, it is the illustrations that make Bernice pop off the bookshelf and come to life.  The colorful illustrations of Kellee Beaudry bring to life Bernice’s golden eyes and the emotions of the kids who confuse her with a wild animal. The message of Bernice comes through clearly and is important for all children. Being unique and special is a good thing that she learns to embrace.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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