Beyond A Ghost Story4.5stars



A Chilling Ghost Story

By Graham McNamee
Wendy Lamb Books, $15.99, 240 pages

Jane has been accident-prone her entire life. In fact, her frequent brushes with death have made her somewhat infamous in her small town. However, when an accident renders Jane clinically dead for a few minutes, she returns to life with something else: a shadow. Soon Jane finds herself stalked by the shadow and placed in danger at every turn by its efforts to make her join it in the shadows.

Beyond: A Ghost Story is a wonderfully chilling ghost tale by author Graham McNamee. He carefully builds the tension and otherworldliness throughout the book, giving steadily increasing chills to the reader with each chapter. The characters are well written, particularly Jane, who undergoes the most change during the course of the book. The author not only provides the reader with a ghost story but a story of the effects of trauma on the mind and soul. This book is highly entertaining, thrilling, scary and impossible to put down (and it may be best not to read this late at night).

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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