Blue Sky, White Clouds A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults5stars



Reading to Memory-Challenged Adults

By Eliezer Sobel
Rainbow Ridge Books, $19.95, 32 pages

Anyone who has had to experience a loved one’s loss of memory knows the effects can be staggering. Once-independent adults must face being treated like a child by those around them, and are often placed in facilities designed to make their lives more comfortable.

One faculty often lost along with memory is the ability to take part in things you once loved – like reading long stories or following the plots in films. Eliezer Sobel took from firsthand experience dealing with memory loss in a loved one and created Blue Sky, White Clouds: A Book for Memory-Challenged Adults. The book is a picture book for adults. It features professional photos of different cultures, beautiful things in nature, children and graphically interesting images paired with short captions in large print. This provides memory-challenged adults the ability to read without forcing them to have to try to remember the plot, or causing them to lose their place in the story after reading for a while.

As someone with a beloved family member in a memory care facility, this book immediately seemed brilliant. When I brought the book to the memory care facility, I could see residents light up at the possibility of independence – reading to themselves was an experience they had not had in some time.

I strongly recommend Blue Sky, White Clouds to anyone in need of memory aids or residing in an adult living facility.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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