Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby2stars



Let’s Get Pregnant!

By Siobhan Dolan & Alice Lesch Kelly
HarperOne, $19.99, 320 pages

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby is a pregnancy guide put out by the March of Dimes. It is a basic manual filled with pregnancy dos and don’ts, giving mothers a reference for all procreation-related issues. The book is laid out simply, with a good index so that readers can jump between sections of interest. Sections include: the importance of prenatal care, healthy habits to cultivate, unhealthy habits to be broken before or during pregnancy, the birthing experience, health care options and more.

This book is filled with a lot of advice and realistic explanations of pain and motherhood and is chock full of good resources for mothers. The only thing it doesn’t do is educate mothers to be effective advocates for themselves. The guide leaves the power in the hands of doctors, warning women away from home births and not giving full explanations – or, at the very least, a list of pros and cons – of certain medical procedures that doctors perform during delivery. It is a handy tool and a great reference, but it is not the whole story and should not be taken as the be-all, end-all of pregnancy advice.

Reviewed by Nicole Green

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