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Hearing the Angels After Doing What They Do

By Peter Sterling
Light Technology Publishing, $16.95, 218 pages

Sometimes it is the journey that is important, not what you have at the end. Hearing the Angels Sing is the story of Peter Sterling and the intercession of angels in his life. He has met some great people, played some great music, and had a life most of us would envy; but his relationship with his parents has been strained and he has had to spend part of that life nearly destitute and homeless. The angels do come through, allowing him to lead a spiritual life and be the agent of a beautiful message. Along with a musical CD (that is included) of inspirational music, this has the potential to be a very interesting book.

This book needed another hundred pages. Although lives touched by the divine tend to have a high number of coincidences and he gets a pass for that, he did need to stretch out the bad times just a little. It also just seems that he trying a little too hard to sell the music; he just needed a little more discussion of the music. Otherwise, for those looking for something to show the hand of the Almighty in otherwise normal lives, this will be a very inspirational book.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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