Monsters Love Colors5stars



Discover Favorite Monster Colors

By Mike Austin
HarperCollins, $15.99, 40 pages

Imagine giving a monster a crayon – the blue monster gets a blue crayon, the yellow monster a yellow crayon, and so on. Since monsters love to wiggle and dance, their drawings are going to be wild! Author and illustrator Mike Austin explores the idea of monsters creating art in his new book, Monsters Love Colors. If your child has a favorite color, turn directly to that part. Each two-page spread is devoted to one color. The text rhymes, introducing kids to vocabulary and poetry. For example, yellow is the color of “prowl” and “howl” and “growl,” while a big yellow moon shines bright in the corner. Parents may have to help little readers understand the connection between the illustrations and the corresponding vocabulary words.

The second half of the book focuses on color combinations. The red and yellow monsters mix to create an orange guy. Find out what happens when one gray monster is left and the monsters run out of color combinations. Austin’s use of corresponding color throughout his text redirects readers and keeps them on task. Children will like learning that not only do monsters love colors, they also love NEW colors!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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