Monsters Under Bridges Pacific Northwest Edition5stars



Meet the Monsters!

By Rachel Roellke Coddington, Illustrated by Jolby
Sasquatch Books, $16.99, 32 pages

Did you know that the bridges of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are home to fascinating monsters? Young adventurers will need a special guidebook to learn about the intriguing creatures they might encounter as they explore the bridges of the Pacific Northwest. Monsters Under Bridges, by Portland author Rachel Roellke Coddington, is a fascinating almanac that introduces readers to 12 types of bridge-loving monsters. Learn what they look and smell like, how they spend their free time and what they like to eat. You’ll even discover their pet peeves!

You can find Irving the Noble Vegetarian beneath the Astoria-Megler Bridge in Portland, Oregon. He prides himself on eating locally sourced produce and dairy, smells like veggies and hair gel and despises cruel humans and fur coats! If you’d like to meet The Sneaky Squetch, visit Newport, Oregon’s Yaquina Bay Bridge. Just look for the long, lean green guy with handlike scales along his back. The Squetch loves collecting human belongings like flip-flops, canoes and hamsters.

A growth chart shows the size of each monster in comparison to a human being. In addition to information about the crazy creatures, Coddington includes fun facts and trivia about the featured bridges. This fun and educational book has fantastic illustrations that will inspire wanderlust in any monster hunter.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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