Pete the Cat- Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read)5stars



Pete Makes a Dagwood Sandwich

By James Dean
HarperCollins, $16.99, 32 pages

Pete is ready to eat lunch, so he wants to make a sandwich. Preparing and eating a sandwich should be easy, but when Pete the Cat is involved, things don’t always turn out perfectly. Young readers will love reading about this cool feline in the newest Pete the Cat book. Written and illustrated by author James Dean, this is a delightful children’s book that entertains readers of all ages with simple pictures, an innocent plot, and a lovable yellow-eyed, blue cat. When he looks in the fridge, he finds typical fixings for a cat sandwich: bread, mayo, tomatoes, fish, juice to wash it down, and an apple. Purrfect? No! The sandwich is much too small. As Pete adds more of his favorite ingredients – crunchy crackers, a pickle, a can of beans and more – he realizes that his sandwich is now too big! So he calls his friends over to share his lunch. Pete has a wonderful time making his lunch, but he has an even better time sharing it with his buddies!

Parents will appreciate several hidden gems in Dean’s illustrations. For example, it is great to see the kids using helmets on their bikes and skateboards. The greatest lesson of the story is how nice it feels to share.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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