Sexy Star Sign Cooking3 star



Cooking With the Star Signs

By Sabra Ricci
Thomas Dunne Books, $15.99, 262 pages

Sexy Star Sign Cooking is a cookbook by Sabra Ricci focusing on romantic dishes that appeal to different star signs. Instead of following the stereotypical method (lobster for Cancer and beef for Taurus) Ricci looks at what portion of the body is ruled by each sign. With that in mind, recipes are crafted with foods that benefit that sign and also add a romantic flare to an evening. For example, the sign Cancer rules the digestive system, so suggested romantic foods include figs, shrimp and even prunes. From that we get such delicious results as shrimp cakes with papaya butter and chocolate prune cake.

This is not a cookbook for beginners.  This is not a cookbook for intermediaries. These recipes are multi-layered and complicated, and often lack clear instructions for the more advanced techniques. The author is cooking in Hawaii and it shows, with a strong bias toward seafood and tropical fruit ingredients. The concept is creative, weaving astrology and food together in a new way, and the recipes are simply scrumptious. However, the casual cook should not pick up this book on a romantic whim, because that would be a recipe for disaster.

Reviewed by Meg Gibbs

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