Starting Seeds5stars



A Fantastic Resource for Starting Plants From Seeds.

By Barbara Ellis
Storey Publishing, $8.95, 121 pages

Gardening and growing one’s own food at home has become increasingly popular of late. However, knowledge that was once handed down from skillful family members now often must be learned from other sources. Thank goodness then for books such as Starting Seeds.

This book, part of the Storey Basics series, contains a treasure trove of information about starting plants from seeds in a book that is small enough to fit in a pocket. Topics include: how to determine if old seeds remain viable; how to make your own germinating mix; how to make newspaper pots, soil blocks, and humidity covers; how to create a sowing schedule; the best way to collect and store seeds; how to pre-germinate seeds; which plants are easier to start indoors and which are easier to start outdoors; and the benefits of such things as nursery beds. Starting Seeds will prove a valuable resource for any novice or experienced gardener who would like to save the expense of buying established plants or would enjoy the challenge of propagating his or her own seedlings.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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