The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party4stars



Organizing the Party

By Ishikawa Yoshihiro, Translated by Joshua A. Fogel
Columbia University Press, $55.00, 503 pages

The Chinese Communist Party is one of the most secretive organizations in the world, and one of the longest lasting. In the 20th century they have survived a civil war, invasion by Japan and internal problems to rule the largest country, in terms of population, in the world. One the least known aspects of the story is how the Chinese Communist Party formed, what led to its formation and what brought it all together.

In this authoritative work, translated for the first time into English, we get to see the events, people and places that formed the basis of the Chinese Communist Party. It started off with students working together to form a different type of government in a country ruled by warlords and bandits – an organization that many felt had no chance. The author takes us through the early years and the many personalities, their roles and the impact they had later on in the process. While it took a long time to officially come together, the groundwork was being prepared for years. This book is for people who love philosophy, the history of ideas and wide-ranging concepts. This work will help readers gain an understanding of modern Chinese politics.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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