You Are WHY You Eat Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life4stars



Undercover Why and then Learn to Quit

By Dr. Ramani Durvasula
skirt!, $24.95, 288 pages

“This book is about learning how to quit, when to quit, when to walk away, and how to acknowledge when you are full.”

You Are WHY You Eat feels very personal as Dr. Ramani Durvasula shares her own story: Ramani was 85 pounds overweight and in an unhappy marriage. She suggests you listen to your “spider senses,” or gut voice, as well as understand all the stakeholders in your life and how their agendas can influence you to do things that go against what you should do. On top of all that, you need to know your fears, in addition to the “rules” we all live by. Ramani contends that careful introspection into the “why” we do things and taking responsibility for our actions as adults can be the turning point to losing the weight, quitting the miserable job or leaving the abusive lover. Ramani offers tons of tips, questions and thoughtful exercises to uncover the “whys” and their triggers. Her solutions are obvious and simple, such as exercise more, eat less and eat healthier.

Ramani suggests logical and physiological explanations for why we eat, shop, love and spend. Her book offers lots of information and tons of thought-provoking questions. Ultimately, she wants the reader to find who they want to be and then do it, but by taking a “one thing at a time” approach. It makes sense, and readers will certainly find ideas and strategies in Ramani’s book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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