Follow My Lead3 star



Dog Lover’s Unite!

By Carol Quinn
Seal Press, $17.00, 256 pages

You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy Carol Quinn’s colorful writing about her two dogs in Follow My Lead. Quinn cannot say no to her dogs, which gets her in all sorts of trouble. She enrolls her dogs in agility training and gets more than she bargained for with an opinionated dog trainer, Irina. Quinn primarily writes about her challenging relationship with long-time, irritable boyfriend, Henry. As Quinn works with her dogs during their agility training, she notices similarities between her personal relationships and the relationships she has with her dogs. Irina is quick to point out what Quinn does wrong and is judgmental about Henry. Ultimately, Quinn needs to learn to enjoy the pleasure of the journey instead of worrying about the final destination.

Quinn writes with humor and honesty. You can see her grow from an insecure person to a confident woman throughout the trials and tribulations she faces. She offers resources and links on a majority of the topics covered in the book. I enjoyed Quinn’s writing immensely but the ongoing saga of her relationship with Henry grew a bit stale for me. I would have liked to see her write about other facets of her life, such as being a single mother, rather than just dwelling on a hopeless relationship.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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