Wreck of the Nymph cover5stars



A Thrilling Deep Sea Adventure

By Don Flood
Don Flood, $2.99, 82 pages

It has been seven years since the last treasure hunter died in the coastal resort town of Blackpool, Delaware. That record is about to be broken as the body of a young man washes up on the beach. Chief of police Simpson guesses that the dead man likely perished while searching for the HMS Nymph, a British warship that sunk off the Delaware coast, allegedly loaded with five hundred million dollars world of gold coins. Wreck of the Nymph, by Don Flood, is a fast-paced thriller that takes readers on an exciting hunt for an old shipwreck and its treasure. Blackpool newspaper reporters Amanda and Kyle view finding the treasure as the solution to many of their problems – Amanda will finally be rich and famous and Kyle can achieve his dream of doing something newsworthy and possibly win Amanda’s heart. But when Amanda invites two suspicious guys to help with the treasure hunt, the plan for a fun, safe search turns into a deadly deal with professional criminals, including a stone cold killer. What would a share in a multi-million dollar treasure cause someone to do? It is interesting to discover how each character responds to this dilemma. For a chance at a future with Amanda and no financial worries, what will Kyle do? Will he agree to be an accessory to murder? Will he cover up the biggest historical shipwreck discovery in 150 years? Flood has an artistic way of writing dialogue and the verbal interactions between his characters nicely flow from scene to scene. The book’s only drawback is that it is too short! Flood is an excellent writer and it seems as if he rushed the end of Wreck of the Nymph. Regardless of his motive for writing a shorter story, the eBook’s $2.99 price is more than fair. While the last 20 pages could have been fleshed out with greater detail, it is clear that Flood is very capable of writing engaging dialogue and exciting action scenes.

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