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By Barbara Edelston Peterson
Viva Editions, $16.95, 148 pages

When Barbara Edelston Peterson was confined to three months of bed rest after experiencing pregnancy complications, she discovered that while being physically confined, she could flourish spiritually and lead a productive, healthy life. Twenty years later, after double bilateral heel fractures, she was again physically confined in order to heal. Peterson looked for a resource to help her get through her bed rest, but couldn’t find one. She now gives readers what she wished she had – Making the Most of Bed Rest: Tips, Tools and Resources for a Rewarding Recovering from Any Health Challenge.

Peterson is an author, motivational speaker, sports psychologist, world-class triathlete, wife and mother. She proposes that being on bed rest can be a productive and rewarding experience. Whether you are on short-term or longterm best rest to recover from physical limitations as a result of injury, illness, or pregnancy, you are guaranteed to find excellent tips to help get you through this trying time. Readers will learn how to transform their bed into “Command Central” in order to be prepared for anything. Take time to explore a new hobby or rediscover one. Peterson includes lists of games, activities and crafts perfect for keeping entertained while confined to bed. One chapter offers suggestions on how to connect to the outside world using social media. Even if you are new to technology, Peterson includes tips on how to get started. “Picnics In Bed” is one of the most helpful chapters as it is filled with nutritional advice and tips on what and when to eat.

There is an excellent list of supplies needed to fill a bedside cooler so the person on bed rest can have finger foods to snack on even when a spouse or caregiver is at work or doing errands. Another useful chapter speaks to the power of maintaining a physical exercise routine. Keep in mind that movements should be light and gentle and regulated by a doctor. Peterson is a big believer in the power of positive thought.

In the appendix, she includes useful affirmations and positive habits. Readers can put to use the personal calendar, journal worksheet and a form to fill out with medical information. Find inspiration in a chapter filled with personal stories from other men and women who have also experienced physical confinement. Peterson’s advice isn’t just for patients. Loved ones and caregivers will benefit from Peterson’s personal experiences with two bouts of best rest.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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