fitnessFitness Focused on Teen Girls




By Erin Whitehead & Jennipher Walters
Zest Books, 124 pages, $12.99

“Research shows that active teens tend to study better, have better focus, and get better grades.  Imagine how thrilled the ‘rents will be when you bring home that improved report card!”

A Girl’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness is a fitness book directed at teen girls written by the writing team of It is written in an energetic, younger voice with fun graphics and drawings.  The book is comprised of nine chapters which include: why fit matters, basics, eating well, waking up to fitness, being fit at school, weekends and the summer, stress reduction, next-level fitness and finally, conclusion and resources. The book is littered with fun facts, charts and tips. It is focused on self-esteem, finding the positives, and of course, getting more active. There are no new revelations about fitness in this book; it is all about the basics of creating and sticking to a fitness routine that makes sense and makes you feel good. It is peppered with practical advice, reasonable goals with the realistic perspective of being a teen. Check out the list of additional resources to keep the girls in your life even more motivated.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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