popeAn Inspiring and Simple Book




Edited by Julie Schwietert Collazo & Lisa Rogak
New World Library, 136 pages, $12.95

“To recognize, accept, and live with all ways of thinking and being does not imply the renunciation of one’s own beliefs.”

Easily digestible, the editors break down homilies, books and interviews into a couple of sentences pertaining to a certain topic. The topics range from the concrete, to the ideology of the church itself and allow for a quick and general understanding of Pope Francis’ position on a variety of subjects that include Argentina, human suffering and even his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. The clear formatting only adds to the readability of the entire book itself.

The passages chosen were carefully picked from many different sources, making sure not to waste a single line. The citations below each quotation provide a clue as to the context in which the words were either spoken or written by the then Father Bergoglio and now Pope Francis. Through these sources, spanning from even before his Papacy, his words provide a short glimpse into the mind of a compassionate and transparent holy man.

The extensive bibliography directs to further reading of the original sources for those interested in a deeper understanding of the new Pope’s thoughts and hopes for the future. Pope Francis: In His Own Words is a recommended read to Catholics and non-Catholics alike following the unique new leader of the Church.

Reviewed by Isabel Hernandez

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