lonelyDiscussing Emotions with Children

3 star



By Young-Ah Kim, Illustrated by Ji-Soo Shin
Magination Press, 32 pages, $14.95

Some Days Are Lonely by Young-Ah Kim uses poetry to describe the feelings one has when feeling down or sad. The poetry is paired with illustrations by Ji-Soo Shin showing a small red bear walking alone through the dark woods.

Toward the end of the book the dark clouds and rain clear up to give way to a bright sky with rainbows – the copy reminds readers that while lonely days happen to everyone, sometimes unexpectedly, they give way to bright and happy days too.

The last pages of the book have activities for children and parents to help identify feelings and discuss what makes children feel lonely, sad and happy. Notes to parents offer ways to recognize loneliness in your children and defeat it with simple tasks.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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