smartPocket Book for Dieters Who Often Eat Out

3 star



By Liz Vaccariello
Reader’s Digest, 147 pages, $9.99

“For each restaurant, we give you a bit of information on the chain, tell you where to find nutrition information, and then offer several sample meals or snacks.”

If you are on a diet and if you often eat out in one of the major chain restaurants, The Digest Diet may be useful for you. This small, thin paperback fits into your pocket to carry it along for you eating-out trips, and that’s what its purpose is. The book is one of the three in a related series, all by Reader’s Digest. Liz Vaccariello starts with a twenty-one page introduction encouraging you to be successful in your diet and giving you tips on how to choose a meal in sixty of the listed chain restaurants. She divides foods into two categories: fat increasers and fat releasers, and your diet into three phases. The phases go through three weeks and in each you choose from different types of restaurant meals.

The restaurant list gives contact phone numbers and websites for each and a brief paragraph about their characters and types of foods they offer. Some restaurants have plenty of meal choices to fit the Digest Diet guidelines and for one she gives as many as twenty-four possibilities; others, like McDonalds, you are limited to two. She also designs a simple meal, if all fails, you can request on ordering.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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