Comprehensive and Well-Informed Guide to Walking Portland




By Sybilla Avery Cook
Globe Pequot Press, 283 pages, $14.95

Walking Portland, Oregon is an information-packed guide for anyone interested in walking the city.  The book opens with a map and an explanation of how to use this guide. There is practical information such as what to wear, what to take and how to be street savvy. There is an easy-to-read chart of the 22 suggested walks with 10 categories such as difficulty, miles, accessibility, scenic shots and even if you will have the chance to shop with detailed descriptions. Walks are divided up by location:  downtown, Forest Park, southwest, southeast and northeast. There are fast facts about Portland and the history of the city. Each walk includes a detailed map and photos, in addition to the specific directions to follow on the walk.  This is a meticulous, well-researched and comprehensive book. The book closes with a list of other sights to see, contact information, a restaurant listing, useful phone numbers, a reading guide and a comprehensive index. This is a great resource for the Portland visitor or resident.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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