medicineRead Between and Over and Around the Lines!


By Bernard Leo Remakus
221 East Publishing, $2.99, 206 pages

Dr. Bernard Remakus has practiced medicine, written scientific articles, conducted clinical drug research, coached high school baseball and raised a family. He also served as a featured columnist for International Medicine World Report for over 10 years. Medicine Between the Lines is a collection of essays that Remakus wrote during that busy decade. This retrospective covers topics surrounding our health care system, special interest groups, malpractice, government spending cuts and HMOs. All of the essays were important at the time they were originally written and they remain just as relevant today.

Readers will enjoy Remakus’ clear and comedic writing style. While he makes his arguments, he throws in little jokes and anecdotes that will bring forth chuckles. Not all of the essays are lighthearted. The piece titled “Shocks and Aftershocks” challenges readers to think about privacy, specifically within the world of drug companies. In another essay, Remakus argues against limiting the United States’ use of foreign medical graduates. He shares personal experiences with drunk driving and discusses preventative measures created to keep drunk drivers off the road. The great thing about this eBook is that the essays can be read in any order. At just over 200 pages, readers can get what they want out of this book, when they want it.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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