mutantPulp Fiction Fun

3 star

By Ben Langdon
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $2.99, 205 pages

This Mutant Life is an interesting collection of twenty-one short stories concerning the lives of various fictionalized heroes and the lives of those people that they come in contact with. Whether it is a vengeful Avon lady who can read minds or a super villain who robs banks and lives with a put upon wife, there’s plenty of variety and dark humor to keep you reading.

Perhaps this collection is best summarized by its editor, Ben Langdon, who describes it as “…the collision of the ordinary with the extraordinary.” Fans of Alan Moore’s Watchmen will find these stories to be of a similar vein. This is imagination set free in the everyday. What-if scenarios played out to some logical but comically twisted conclusion.

If you’re looking for something to add to your short story reading list, pick up This Mutant Life and let yourself be taken on adventures, both big and small.

Reviewed by Jon Sanetel

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