BornofOakDaine’s In Wonderland


By Marie McKean
Amazon Digital Services, Inc., $2.99, 223 pages

Daine is a country boy. As an only child with two adoring parents and a grandfatherly neighbor who looks out for his education, life is pretty good. That is, until his neighbor Bram informs him that he is no mere mortal. He is, in fact, a Druid and part of an ancient Irish bloodline fighting to protect the world from the evil Fae. The Fae are cruel and deceitful siren faeries who wish to take over the mortal realm.

Marie McKean’s Born of Oak and Silver, the first in the Caradoc Chronicles series, tells the story of Daine’s younger years, his adventures training as a Druid and the multiple tragedies and confrontations he faces. The climax will leave readers wanting more and waiting for the next installment. What will happen to Daine and what will happen to our world?

Born of Oak and Silver is undoubtedly a fantasy book and as such may not appeal to all readers. However, McKean’s writing is strong, the story is consistent and moves forward forcefully and with conviction. Born of Oak and Silver has a very clear purpose and pushes towards the conclusion…though it doesn’t give up all of its secrets. Readers will have to wait for the sequel to find out what happens to Daine. But after all he’s been through, the break will do him good.

Reviewed by Ashley McCall

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