ChangingYouGood, Basic Information about Food and Exercise


By D. Cole Clifford
Xlibris, $19.99, 141 pages

Cole Clifford believes you can reach your goal in one year. Even with the difficulty of staying on track, if you follow his advice, success is possible. This book is based on his work in his now-defunct gym, The Change Room. The book begins with a discussion about fat. There is no magic pill to reducing fat except to consistently exercise; in other words fad diets do not work. Next are food basics including what your body needs. Fiber, protein, carbohydrates and more are all explained. There is an exhaustive section on vitamins and minerals. Clifford offers practical advice in the “Eating for Function” chapter where he reinforces eating the food your body needs rather than just living to eat. There are tons of diagrams and charts in the book to help the reader digest the information, figure out grams of daily protein needed and metabolic needs.

There is nothing fancy about this book but it suggests practical information for someone ready to learn about how food and exercise effect their body. Sample workouts are outlined and the author offers nine reasons why exercise can make a difference. No magic bullet here, just good, solid information on the author’s part and smart food choices and exercise on the reader’s part.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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