WorkinProgressMost Unique “Cookbook” I Have Ever Seen!


By Rene Redzepi
Phaidon Press, $59.95, 648 pages

Rene Redzepi is a renowned chef of the Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma. He has assembled a unique, informative and interesting three-book collection called A Work In Progress. The collection includes a cookbook, a journal and snapshots. The cookbook titled Noma Recipes intersects art with food. The photographs are beautiful works of art worthy of framing and placing on your walls. The recipes are organized by month and present seasonal dishes. For example, February includes recipes such as milk curds and winter cabbages, scallop chips and spicy grains and crispy reindeer moss, cep powder and crème fraiche. Each recipe has ingredients listed in grams, directions and serving suggestions. A photo of the finished product accompanies the recipe. April contains only one recipe while May’s recipes contain many obscure ingredients not found in your local grocery store such as tender spruce, shaved unripe strawberries and forest floor. This book is definitely for the food connoisseur that is creative and far-reaching in their palate. The book closes with a comprehensive listing of base recipes, glossary and index.

Book two is the Rene Redzepi Journal. This journal is an intimate look into Rene’s day-to-day details, thoughts and musings. There are restaurant happenings as well as some personal notations. This is really a unique way to get to know this chef and this reviewer enjoyed the creativity of the journal and the thoughts. Finally, book three is titled Snapshots. It is a pocket-sized book containing 200 Instagram-style color photos. Some photos deal with food and its people while others just contain scenery shots. Each photo has a short sentence at the top providing some explanation of the photo.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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