HomeCookingForYourDogHolistic Meals for Your Dog

3 star

By Christine M. Filardi
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $19.95, 158 pages

Author Christine Filardi advocates holistic foods for dogs in Home Cooking for your Dog. She thus believes in meals prepared from raw foods for your dogs and prefers a total ban on commercial dog foods. Yet most of the many recipes use cooked ingredients, even in her chapter Raw Recipes several items are cooked before assembling the meal. She devotes the first chapter to basics: essential nutrients for the dog, basic food charts, and foods your dog should never eat. Each recipe will take just as much time to prepare as your own meal (or longer). Many of these you can share with your dog, like pizza, sloppy joe, quiche and shepherd’s pie, unless they use raw meat or whole unpeeled raw eggs. And you have to add your seasonings to your portion.

“I strongly believe holistic approach is the best approach. All of my recipes are written with whole pet in mind.”

From the recipes and instructions it appears that Filardi is not familiar with standard recipe writing. Some recipes are unclear even ambiguous, some incomplete. A cookbook editor would’ve corrected this problem. Each recipe prepares a basic stock from which you produce a one-serving size with additional ingredients. Some serving sizes are large and suggested storage time for leftovers is only three days. Dog photos throughout are great.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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