IsaDoesItValuable Resource for Vegan Cooking


By Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Little, Brown and Company, $30.00, 311 pages

Isa Chandra Moskowitz has written another cookbook based on vegan cooking called Isa Does It. This cookbook feels very personal because Isa’s personality shines through this book with its humor, line art and even a little sarcasm and snarkiness. Isa shares how she got started in cooking, even though she lived in a Hamburger Helper kind of household. Ever since her growing up with powdered mash potatoes, she has been on a mission to elevate tofu and what you can do with it. Isa offers tons of advice, suggests the best tools and gadgets and recommends pantry essentials for every vegan cook. Want to know how to cut tofu or tempeh? Well it is in here with step-by-step photos and directions.

After 25 pages of advice, Isa dives into 11 chapters of recipes ranging from soups, to stir-fries to desserts. Each recipe includes serving size, total time and active time. An introductory information box, ingredients and directions are listed and notes are prominent in a side area. Full color photographs (124 in total) accompany many of the recipes. The font size of the recipes is very small and this reviewer found herself squinting to read the pages. Recipes are simple to follow and most ingredients are readily available. The index is well organized and metric conversions are included. This book offers tons of ideas for the new or experienced vegan cook.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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