SmartSalesManagerPractical Guide for Sales Manager Effectiveness


By Josiane Chriqui Feigon
Amacom, $24.95, 268 pages

Reading theSmart Sales Manager is like having your own personal coach. Feigon has covered all bases in this very informative book focused on managing an inside sales team. One of the best things about this book is that the content is applicable to so many work functions and environments. Feigon begins by explaining how the sales environment has changed. Customers’ expectations and actions have evolved in this 2.0 environment and sales teams need to adjust accordingly. Part one also covers understanding the 2.0 talent pool aka the Millennials, which come with plusses but also a host of challenges. Chapter three reviews the various tools sales teams should be mastering and using in order to increase productivity and efficacy. Chapter four includes prospecting and all the challenges associated with call campaigns and lead generation. Part two of Smart Sales Manager provides invaluable information on the management component of the sales manager role such as hiring, coaching, training, and giving feedback. Part three is all about motivating a sales team with strategies such as influence, reviews and contests. The book ends with what to do about low performers and problem personalities.

“When you understand what Customer 2.0 wants and needs, you can reframe your approach to meet those needs.”

Each chapter is written with an energetic, knowledgeable style and includes “decoding the message” and “coaching your team” section. The author offers real life examples and strategies to understand and fix the issue. Chapters end with Management Tips, which summarizes the key points of the chapter. There are plenty of meaningful diagrams that break the content into easy-to-read summaries that the reader will refer to over and over again. The chapter on Tools 2.0 was especially effective to help a manager assess all the available tools for their team and determine which tools would be most effective to aid in meeting their goals. Smart Sales Manager is a practical, information-filled guide to all things sales. This would be a great resource for a new sales manager but also an invaluable guide for the seasoned sales manager.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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