CheesyVeganExcellent Vegan Cookbook Using Vegan Cheeses


By John Schlimm
Lifelong Books, $19.99, 244 pages

If you are a vegan or considering becoming one, The Cheesy Vegan is a good addition to your library. Many of the recipes (as the title suggests) use vegan cheese. Author John Schlimm devotes a full chapter on how to make fifteen homemade vegan cheeses. If you don’t have the time or interest to make these in your kitchen, similar vegan cheeses are available in food coops or vegetarian/vegan grocery stores. The chapters are listed according to meals and courses of meals, like soups, salads and so on. The recipe layout is excellent, each recipe carefully placed on a separate page with many beautiful full-page photo illustrations.

The Cheesy Vegan transforms vegan cheese into the Main Street party it’s meant to be…”

The recipes are well written, easy to follow with ingredients readily available. They are not easy recipes but not highly involved either. Note that the author likes to use some alcohol in many. The headnotes are worth reading and additional notes given for many recipes are good. Schlimm gave cutesy titles to many that you will have hard time remembering should you be looking for it again. Index won’t help either as it lists entries according to ingredients – an error. E.g. My Friend Alfredo is not listed under any of the title words.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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