CrazyLifeofaFemaleChefStory After Story of a Chef’s Life

3 star

By Kim M. Eckerman
Xlibris, $15.99, 312 pages

With the current intense interest in food and cooking, The Crazy Life of a Female Chef will capture most people’s attention. The book chronicles chef Kim Eckerman’s life from early childhood through the start of her professional career in 1975 to present day. The book is filled with vignettes about her work as a cook and later a chef, her marriage to her chef husband and raising their family. Even though the book is well-written, the stories are not especially captivating, though people interested in how their food is prepared will enjoy this trade paperback.

“I am proud to say that I was never employed by one of the many famous fast-food chains.”

You learn about many aspects of a chef’s life such as how to plate and finish table-side dinners, how to educate servers about the dishes you prepare and the rampant alcoholism amongst chefs thanks to the intense pressure of their jobs. Many of the chapters end with recipes, however, the formatting is atypical and the recipes are not particularly exciting.

Reviewed by George Erdosh

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