EssaysonSouthAsianAll Over the Place


By Ullas Sharma
Rishi Publications, $16.00, 159 pages

I will be honest, this book is a bit confusing – confusing in the sense of how did it get published. It is nothing more than a bunch of blog posts over a period of time were collected and then published in volume. It is one person’s opinion, and it is not even someone who is in government or a position of power. It would be like if I got a major publisher to publish my blog posts with topics covering anything and it is just my ranting opinion. This is what that is, one person who lives in India and has a blog who was able to get it published. These really short essays cover topics related to India and its relations with the outside world, with a decidedly pro-India focus on them. A couple of the essays cover more philosophical topics of Hinduism. None of the blogs are very long, so no chance for it to go in depth. A major flaw is that we have no sense of where this person is coming from, or what he does on a daily basis.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter