HealthyJointsforLifeAn Orthopedic Surgeon’s Instruction Book on How to Keep Joints Healthy


By Richard Diana, M.D.
Harlequin, $17.95, 336 pages

For the millions who suffer from joint pain, Dr. Diana has written a book chocked full of any and all information they could ever hope for. He provides an explanation of the physical joint in detail, with illustrations, and proceeds to a study of cellular functions of the various parts. He tells how the foods we eat react chemically to affect the joints. With the technical details out of the way in the first two chapters, he moves on to the lifestyle required to live with or prevent arthritis of the joints. The primary focus of his eight-week plan is diet, supplements, and exercise. With easy-to-follow lists of recommended supplements, and illustrated descriptions of desired exercises, the program is clearly outlined.

Peppered with stories of his NFL career, and patient’s experiences, the sometimes tedious details are bearable. Possibly too technical for an average reader, the information to be gained from slogging through medical details will provide a priceless understanding of the causes of joint pain, and the best solutions for dealing with it. Anyone with arthritic joint pain will be glad to keep this book handy on the bookshelf as an important reference.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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