TakingCareofMamaRabbitCute Tale of Working Together as a Family


By Anita Lobel
Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, $11.99, 32 pages

Mama rabbit is sick. She is in bed pale and unhappy. Papa Rabbit is off getting medicine so the ten baby rabbits decide to cheer her up. One by one they bring items to liven her up including a fresh handkerchief, hot chocolate, a cuddly toy, a juicy apple and even a cookie and flowers. Mama Rabbit begins to look happier and not so pale. The ten rabbits announce that they have a special surprise. By the time Papa arrives back with the medicine, Mama is out of bed and feeling much better. The ten rabbits put on a show and Mama and Papa Rabbit exclaim that they have the cleverest rabbits in the world. Taking Care of Mama Rabbit is the sweet story of figuring out how to make someone happy when spirits (and health) are low, as well as, working together as a family. Additionally, the tables have turned since usually it is Mama that takes care of the babies. Numbers are also a lesson in the book. This is a sweet story with whimsical drawings and a tale that will interest your little reader.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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