Togo was the runt of the litter of Husky puppies who started out very sick. All of his brothers were being trained how to pull a sled and mush, but he was always overlooked because he was too small. He does whatever it takes to prove he can be a sled dog and more than just some pet. When Sepp has to take an over ninety-mile sled pull to get medicine to the city of Nome to save some sick kids, it is Togo who leads the sled and gets everyone to safety and the medicine to the kids.

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“Your little fellow’s got a lot of nerve, I’ll give him that.”

This was a good book. It is different trying to read from a dog’s way of thinking. The first chapter tells the entire story of how Togo was a better dog than Balto, and then spent the rest of the book starting over and with more detail. I found this hard to keep reading sometimes because you already know the ending, so it was like when someone tells you the end of a movie and watching the movie just isn’t as fun anymore. I would recommend skipping the first chapter if you are going to read this book so the story isn’t spoiled for you.

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