EatingwiththeChefsBeautiful Book About the Staff Meal


By Per-Anders Jorgensen
Phaidon Press, $59.95, 316 pages

Eating with the Chefs is an intimate look into the feeding and nurturing of the kitchen staff in some of the world’s most famous restaurants.  Photography takes center stage in this book with glorious, artistic, color and black and white photos of staff, food and innocuous details of restaurant life. There are over 200 photographs, 18 restaurants and 50 recipes highlighted in this unique compilation. Restaurants were chosen for their unique staff meal traditions but many of the restaurants were chosen for being well-known as well, such as wd-50, French Laundry, Roberta’s and Chez Panisse.

“Modern cooking has become a serious art, but it is also something very distinctive.”

Each restaurant entry includes location, date established, chef name, a page of background information, several recipes and many photos. Recipes are simply written in metrics and US equivalents. One really unique detail is that each recipe is given to make two, six, 20 or 50 servings. This is a collection built on love and passion and it is apparent on every page of this enthralling and distinctive book.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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