It has been nearly 40 years since city planner Barry Benepe created the idea for Hudson Valley farmers to bring their wares to the New York City sidewalks. He believed that city-dwellers should have access to the amazing fruit and vegetables the region offers, and farmers should earn a reasonable price for their crops. Fast-forward and farmers’ markets in urban areas are as popular as ever. The New Greenmarket Cookbook is a visually stimulating and appetizing book loaded with information, recipes and colorful photographs. This beautiful book divides recipes by seasons, based on what one can find at farmers’ markets during that particular time of the year.

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The book’s recipes are from famous chefs and include an array of small plates, mains, sweets and cocktails. Each recipe contains an introductory paragraph, ingredients, directions and often an accompanying photo. The number of servings is listed as well. Different farms are highlighted and their stories are shared throughout the book. Most of the recipes are pretty simple, and let the produce speak for itself. I found it difficult not to stop reading and make some of these sumptuous recipes right away!

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