Just the fact that there are two editions of Trailer Food Diaries featuring Portland food carts without duplicate recipes should indicate the expansiveness of the Portland food cart scene. Food carts are a unique business venture that attract entrepreneurs who are, according to author and food cart expert Tiffany Harelik, community-oriented people with at least one good recipe that they love to cook and share.

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Trailer Food Diaries is one more avenue for sharing food cart entrepreneurs’ best recipes and the stories of their carts’ inception. Recipes are separated by category, with sections for drinks, breakfasts, appetizers, sides, sauces, sandwiches, gourmet street food and sweets. A crafty cook might choose to make an entire menu inspired by food carts without traveling downtown to the carts themselves. Recipes are accompanied by either a scrumptious picture of the featured food, or a snazzy photo of the inspiring chef. Beyond recipes, Trailer Food Diaries also features interviews with food cart experts, information about food cart locations, and resources for people looking to get into the business. More than a cookbook, Trailer Food Diaries: Portland Edition, Vol. 2 is an homage to an important facet of Portland culture.

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