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Recently graduated with a degree in journalism, Meg Reed is unemployed and staying with a friend in Portland, Oregon, when a chance encounter with an editor at a neighborhood coffee shop provides her with a job opportunity. Northwest Extreme is a magazine geared to athletic outdoor enthusiasts, and they need a writer. Attempting to hide the fact that she is not at all athletic, she takes the job and is soon given an assignment to cover a nationwide race coming to Oregon that is being produced for reality television. When one of the finalists in the contest dies, Meg is caught up in a dangerous investigation.

A fast-paced adventure with excellent descriptions of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, this novel is consistently entertaining throughout. A smooth plot and well-defined, interesting characters make Scene of the Climb an easy, enjoyable read. Anyone who loves hiking, climbing, or any outdoor activity will relate immediately to the action, but even those less athletically inclined will enjoy the people, the suspense, and the surprising plot twists.

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