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A distress call transmitted from a military research station ends with the alarming words, “…this is sierra, victor, whiskey. There’s been a breach. Failsafe initiated. No matter the outcome: Kill us…kill us all.”

Jenna Beck, a forest ranger in the Mono Lake region of California, and her dog Nikko, are thrust into life-altering danger when sent to check out the alarming message from the research station. Upon arriving, she watched a black helicopter with no markings rise up and spin away. Then, as her dispatcher shouted at her to get out of there, the complex exploded into a ball of fire and smoke. Radiating out in every direction from the blast, all life began to die.

Commander Gray Pierce and his Sigma Force are called upon to use their military and scientific know-how to combat this new threat to all life on the planet. Their efforts lead them to Brazil and to the frozen world of Antarctica, seeking a kidnapped scientist who can explain what is killing all life and how to combat it.

James Rollins has successfully written a cautionary tale about the dangers of genetic tampering and bioterrorism. This epic and global story is the epitome of suspense. The 6th Extinction is relentlessly exciting and thought provoking.

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