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This reviewer never believed a pressure cooker could be so versatile in the kitchen, but Hip Pressure Cooking has changed this limited viewpoint. Judging by the healthy table of contents, a pressure cooker can be used to create soups, eggs, pastas, grains, meat, fish and even desserts.  Of course, one-pot meals are included as well as preserves and juicing instructions. The book opens with an explanation of the basics of pressure cooking and numerous details such as shapes and sizes of pressure cookers, accessories and heat sources. Cook times are covered and information about high altitude pressure cooking.

“Hip Pressure Cooking considers the pressure cooker to be a multipurpose culinary tool. Sometimes an entire recipe is cooked under pressure, but often there is a beginning or finishing step that is not.”

Each food chapter opens with tips and then offers various recipes with an introductory paragraph, number of servings, a list of ingredients, numbered steps and any additional things to note.  Some recipes have photographs, but overall photos are used sparingly in this book.  Especially helpful, at the end of the book, the author provides pressure cooking timetables for just about any food or ingredient the reader could possibly think of.  The index is comprehensive and Hip Pressure Cooking is definitely worth picking up to explore this multipurpose kitchen tool.

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