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Kathy Wakile, a Real Housewives of New Jersey star, shares 75 sweet concoctions in Indulge. The book feels very personal, and the reviewer almost felt like she was getting some of grandma’s secret recipes. Wakile decided to write this book based on the feedback she received from many viewers about the desserts that she made during the shows. A self-proclaimed sweet tooth, Wakile shares recipes and inspirations from her Mediterranean background.

Recipes are organized by season and then by ingredient beginning with fall and figs, while winter is defined by cheesecake and chocolate. Spring focuses on custards, puffs and pastries, and summer is all about fruit with berries, lemons and fruit pies. The book closes with the basics such as crusts, syrups, creams and ganache. Family pictures and stories are littered throughout the book, and about 35 color pictures of the various recipes are displayed. Each recipes shares introductory information, lists the ingredients and equipment needed, directions, and any other pertinent notes and tips.  The recipes are a little more involved, and this reviewer recommends the experienced cook tackle this book.

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