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The Best White Wine on Earth is essentially a bible of all things Riesling. Each of the book’s nine chapters shares a wealth of information about this amazing wine. The book opens with the story of Riesling and chapter two examines taste, aroma, freshness, minerality and more. Chapters three through eight explore the different regions in which Rieslings are produced, including the Northeast, the West Coast, Australia, Danube, Rhine and some lone ranges in Italy, Eastern Europe and South America.

“Wine is an emotive product that easily arouses strong feelings, particularly anticipation and anxiety.”

Color pictures are included as well as a dizzying amount of information and opinions. Chapter nine shares lists for the top 20 Rieslings in the dry, medium-dry, medium-sweet, sweet and blade-runner categories. Best White Wine on Earth is a must-have for anyone who loves Rieslings or just wants to learn more about this versatile wine. This reviewer loved the quick summary included on the last page and now knows more about this wine, including a new much-garnered respect for this interesting compilation of facts, information and suggestions.

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