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The Gourmet Jewish Cookbook by Denise Phillips is a compilation of over 200 recipes, including a new take on many traditional recipes, recipes fit for vegetarians, dairy-free, diabetic friendly, and recipes for special Jewish occasions. The dessert section is rather extensive and fabulous, with recipes for Tiramisu and Lychee Sorbet. Each recipe is peppered with tidbits of Jewish history and nutritional information, which makes reading them enjoyable. The final section of the book is a description of the more prominent Jewish holidays and celebrations, along with an explanation of the traditional foods eaten during those events and suggested menus featuring the recipes from the book.

This is a fun cookbook for anyone interested in Jewish cuisine, regardless of heritage. Phillips tends to lean heavily on generalizations – often listing off preferences or tendencies found within Jewish culture as true for every person of Jewish decent, which can be a little distracting. Otherwise it is a well-put together group of recipes, with something enticing for everyone.

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