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Tigerman is a fun piece of pulp fiction – the hard-boiled protagonist walks to a beat catching criminals and taking tea with the locals. It is literary fiction with beautifully crafted passages that call into focus the big existential questions about why we’re here and what is the good life. At the same time it is a superhero narrative – a ghastly cloud of noxious gas threatens to destroy the natives, unless the Sergeant and his sidekick can save them all.

Before heading into retirement, Sergeant Ferris is assigned as the caretaker of the British Consulate, on the former British colony island of Mancreau. His days are quiet: his official orders are to turn a blind eye to the activities of the locals. He drinks tea and occupies his post with the companionship of a comic book reading, Internet-obsessed local boy. Everything points to a quiet retirement, when the island suddenly erupts in violence, and the Sergeant finds himself again thrust into the life he thought was behind him. In the end, can he be the hero that both the boy and his island need?

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