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If you like good writing and love good food, Best Food Writing 2014 provides a nice combination of both. Editor Holly Hughes grouped fifty selected non-fiction stories by fifty writers into eight sections roughly according to their topics; stories that were submitted to her by the authors. They are all about food, cooking and eating – some stories are better than others. These were reproduced from newspapers, magazines, and cookbooks thus you may have already read some. If your reading is very organized you may read one story a day though many stories are unlikely to grab your attention and you may skip them. Some of the authors’ ideas you won’t agree with. There is plenty of food snobbery throughout these pages, and most are in the big-city venue. Eating out in restaurants then critiquing the food is a recurring theme in many.

“…isn’t food writing just another lens through which to view the human conditions?”

Another recurring theme includes food trends and food fads, sustainability, food politics, healthy eating, food culture, and so on. And a few give detailed cooking lessons (“how to cook chicken cutlets,” “hot to bake chocolate chip cookies”). Hughes provides a very nice author introduction to each story – she is a good writer and the introductions are worth reading.

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