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Better With Age is written with the mindset of enabling a healthy and happy life in your advanced years. Robin Porter has consulted experts in health, finance, law, nutrition and more to write a book filled with helpful advice. The book is littered with personal stories and examples of what various aging adults have done to create a more active and healthy life. In the United States aging well means being independent, mobile, feeling useful and having the financial ability to live comfortably. The first chapter serves as an introduction while the following four chapters address each decade from the 50s to the 80s and beyond. Each chapter poses questions to consider and loads of information, resources and stories. Each chapter closes with “Words of wisdom”.

“Make a list of priorities (i.e. time for travel, proximity to family, volunteer work) and then look for living arrangements that fit your list.”

Better With Age truly is an invaluable resource, whether you are considering your own options or the options for your aging parents. Topics are addressed with a no-nonsense, practical approach and ideas and tips are logical. Whether diet, exercise, sexuality, health or finances concern the reader, this is a valuable resource to aid in the planning of the later years.

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